GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
fixup_edge_d Struct Reference

Data Fields

int src
int dest
edge_type type
bool is_rflow_valid
int norm_vertex_index
gcov_type flow
gcov_type rflow
gcov_type weight
gcov_type cost
gcov_type max_capacity

Detailed Description

   Structure to represent an edge in the fixup graph.  

Field Documentation

gcov_type fixup_edge_d::cost

Referenced by enqueue().

int fixup_edge_d::dest

Referenced by enqueue().

gcov_type fixup_edge_d::flow
     Flow for this edge.  

Referenced by adjust_cfg_counts(), find_augmenting_path(), and find_max_flow().

bool fixup_edge_d::is_rflow_valid

Referenced by add_edge().

gcov_type fixup_edge_d::max_capacity
int fixup_edge_d::norm_vertex_index
     Index to the normalization vertex added for this edge.  

Referenced by adjust_cfg_counts(), and find_max_flow().

gcov_type fixup_edge_d::rflow
     Residual flow for this edge - used during negative cycle canceling.  

Referenced by add_edge().

int fixup_edge_d::src

Referenced by enqueue(), and is_empty().

edge_type fixup_edge_d::type
     Flag denoting type of edge and attributes for the flow field.  

Referenced by add_edge().

gcov_type fixup_edge_d::weight

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