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fixup_graph_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int num_vertices
int num_edges
int new_entry_index
int new_exit_index
fixup_vertex_p vertex_list
fixup_edge_p edge_list

Detailed Description

   Fixup graph used in the MCF algorithm.  

Field Documentation

fixup_edge_p fixup_graph_d::edge_list
     Fixup edge list.  

Referenced by add_rfixup_edge().

int fixup_graph_d::new_entry_index
     Index of new entry vertex.  
int fixup_graph_d::new_exit_index
     Index of new exit vertex.  
int fixup_graph_d::num_edges
     Current number of edges for the graph.  
int fixup_graph_d::num_vertices
     Current number of vertices for the graph.  

Referenced by add_rfixup_edge(), and create_fixup_graph().

fixup_vertex_p fixup_graph_d::vertex_list
     Fixup vertex list. Adjacency list for fixup graph.  

Referenced by add_rfixup_edge().

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