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function_info Struct Reference
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Data Fields

char * name
char * demangled_name
unsigned ident
unsigned lineno_checksum
unsigned cfg_checksum
unsigned has_catch: 1
unsigned num_blocks
unsigned blocks_executed
unsigned num_counts
unsigned line
unsigned src
struct function_infoline_next
struct function_infonext

Detailed Description

   Describes a single function. Contains an array of basic blocks.  

Field Documentation

block_t* function_info::blocks
unsigned function_info::blocks_executed
unsigned function_info::cfg_checksum
gcov_type* function_info::counts
     Raw arc coverage counts.  
char* function_info::demangled_name
unsigned function_info::has_catch
     The graph contains at least one fake incoming edge.  
unsigned function_info::ident
unsigned function_info::line
     First line number & file.  

Referenced by make_gcov_file_name().

struct function_info* function_info::line_next
     Next function in same source file.  

Referenced by mangle_name().

unsigned function_info::lineno_checksum
char* function_info::name
     Name of function.  
struct function_info* function_info::next
     Next function.  
unsigned function_info::num_blocks

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned function_info::num_counts

Referenced by read_graph_file().

unsigned function_info::src

Referenced by make_gcov_file_name().

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