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funny_match Struct Reference

Data Fields

int this_op
int other

Detailed Description

   Check the operands of an insn against the insn's operand constraints
   and return 1 if they are valid.
   The information about the insn's operands, constraints, operand modes
   etc. is obtained from the global variables set up by extract_insn.

   WHICH_ALTERNATIVE is set to a number which indicates which
   alternative of constraints was matched: 0 for the first alternative,
   1 for the next, etc.

   In addition, when two operands are required to match
   and it happens that the output operand is (reg) while the
   input operand is --(reg) or ++(reg) (a pre-inc or pre-dec),
   make the output operand look like the input.
   This is because the output operand is the one the template will print.

   This is used in final, just before printing the assembler code and by
   the routines that determine an insn's attribute.

   If STRICT is a positive nonzero value, it means that we have been
   called after reload has been completed.  In that case, we must
   do all checks strictly.  If it is zero, it means that we have been called
   before reload has completed.  In that case, we first try to see if we can
   find an alternative that matches strictly.  If not, we try again, this
   time assuming that reload will fix up the insn.  This provides a "best
   guess" for the alternative and is used to compute attributes of insns prior
   to reload.  A negative value of STRICT is used for this internal call.  

Field Documentation

int funny_match::other
int funny_match::this_op

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