GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gcov_fn_info Struct Reference

#include <gcov-io.h>

Collaboration diagram for gcov_fn_info:

Data Fields

struct gcov_infokey
gcov_unsigned_t ident
gcov_unsigned_t lineno_checksum
gcov_unsigned_t cfg_checksum
struct gcov_ctr_info ctrs [0]

Detailed Description

   Information about a single function.  This uses the trailing array
   idiom. The number of counters is determined from the merge pointer
   array in gcov_info.  The key is used to detect which of a set of
   comdat functions was selected -- it points to the gcov_info object
   of the object file containing the selected comdat function.  

Field Documentation

gcov_unsigned_t gcov_fn_info::cfg_checksum
struct gcov_ctr_info gcov_fn_info::ctrs[0]
gcov_unsigned_t gcov_fn_info::ident
struct gcov_info* gcov_fn_info::key
gcov_unsigned_t gcov_fn_info::lineno_checksum

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