GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gcov_var Struct Reference

#include <gcov-io.h>

Data Fields

FILE * file
gcov_position_t start
unsigned offset
unsigned length
unsigned overread
int error
int mode
gcov_unsigned_t buffer [GCOV_BLOCK_SIZE+1]
int endian
size_t alloc

Field Documentation

size_t gcov_var::alloc
     Holds a variable length block, as the compiler can write
     strings and needs to backtrack.  
gcov_unsigned_t gcov_var::buffer[GCOV_BLOCK_SIZE+1]
     Holds one block plus 4 bytes, thus all coverage reads & writes
     fit within this buffer and we always can transfer GCOV_BLOCK_SIZE
     to and from the disk. libgcov never backtracks and only writes 4
     or 8 byte objects.  

Referenced by gcov_write_tag(), and gcov_write_words().

gcov_unsigned_t* gcov_var::buffer
int gcov_var::endian

Referenced by gcov_open().

int gcov_var::error

Referenced by gcov_open().

FILE* gcov_var::file

Referenced by gcov_open().

unsigned gcov_var::length

Referenced by gcov_open().

int gcov_var::mode
unsigned gcov_var::offset
unsigned gcov_var::overread

Referenced by gcov_open().

gcov_position_t gcov_var::start

Referenced by gcov_open(), and gcov_write_tag().

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