GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gimple_stmt_iterator_d Struct Reference

#include <gimple.h>

Collaboration diagram for gimple_stmt_iterator_d:

Data Fields

gimple_seq_node ptr
basic_block bb

Detailed Description

   Iterator object for GIMPLE statement sequences.  

Field Documentation

basic_block gimple_stmt_iterator_d::bb
gimple_seq_node gimple_stmt_iterator_d::ptr
     Sequence node holding the current statement.  

Referenced by gsi_insert_seq_before(), gsi_set_stmt(), and gsi_split_seq_after().

gimple_seq* gimple_stmt_iterator_d::seq
     Sequence and basic block holding the statement.  These fields
     are necessary to handle edge cases such as when statement is
     added to an empty basic block or when the last statement of a
     block/sequence is removed.  

Referenced by gsi_insert_seq_nodes_after(), gsi_set_stmt(), and gsi_split_seq_after().

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