GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
histogram_value_t Struct Reference

#include <value-prof.h>

Collaboration diagram for histogram_value_t:

Data Fields

struct {
   tree   value
   gimple   stmt
   gcov_type *   counters
   struct histogram_value_t *   next
enum hist_type type
unsigned n_counters
union {
   struct {
      int   int_start
      unsigned int   steps
   }   intvl

Detailed Description

   The value to measure.  

Field Documentation

gcov_type* histogram_value_t::counters
union { ... } histogram_value_t::hdata
int histogram_value_t::int_start
struct { ... } histogram_value_t::intvl
unsigned histogram_value_t::n_counters
unsigned int histogram_value_t::steps
enum hist_type histogram_value_t::type
tree histogram_value_t::value

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