GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
incoming_args Struct Reference

#include <function.h>

Collaboration diagram for incoming_args:

Data Fields

int pops_args
int size
int pretend_args_size
rtx arg_offset_rtx
rtx internal_arg_pointer

Detailed Description

   Information mainlined about RTL representation of incoming arguments.  

Field Documentation

rtx incoming_args::arg_offset_rtx
     This is the offset from the arg pointer to the place where the first
     anonymous arg can be found, if there is one.  
CUMULATIVE_ARGS incoming_args::info
     Quantities of various kinds of registers
     used for the current function's args.  
rtx incoming_args::internal_arg_pointer
     The arg pointer hard register, or the pseudo into which it was copied.  
int incoming_args::pops_args
     Number of bytes of args popped by function being compiled on its return.
     Zero if no bytes are to be popped.
     May affect compilation of return insn or of function epilogue.  
int incoming_args::pretend_args_size
     # bytes the prologue should push and pretend that the caller pushed them.
     The prologue must do this, but only if parms can be passed in
int incoming_args::size
     If function's args have a fixed size, this is that size, in bytes.
     Otherwise, it is -1.
     May affect compilation of return insn or of function epilogue.  

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