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inline_summary Struct Reference

#include <ipa-inline.h>

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Data Fields

HOST_WIDE_INT estimated_self_stack_size
int self_size
int self_time
unsigned inlinable: 1
HOST_WIDE_INT estimated_stack_size
HOST_WIDE_INT stack_frame_offset
int time
int size
conditions conds
vec< size_time_entry, va_gc > * entry
struct predicateloop_iterations
struct predicateloop_stride
struct predicatearray_index
int growth
int scc_no

Detailed Description

   Function inlining information.  

Field Documentation

struct predicate* inline_summary::array_index
     Predicate on when some array indexes become constants.  
conditions inline_summary::conds
     Conditional size/time information.  The summaries are being
     merged during inlining.  

Referenced by dump_inline_hints(), initialize_growth_caches(), inline_node_removal_hook(), and predicate_for_phi_result().

HOST_WIDE_INT inline_summary::estimated_self_stack_size
     Information about the function body itself.  
     Estimated stack frame consumption by the function.  
HOST_WIDE_INT inline_summary::estimated_stack_size
     Information about function that will result after applying all the
     inline decisions present in the callgraph.  Generally kept up to
     date only for functions that are not inline clones. 
     Estimated stack frame consumption by the function.  
int inline_summary::growth
     Estimated growth for inlining all copies of the function before start
     of small functions inlining.
     This value will get out of date as the callers are duplicated, but
     using up-to-date value in the badness metric mean a lot of extra
unsigned inline_summary::inlinable
     False when there something makes inlining impossible (such as va_arg).  

Referenced by report_inline_failed_reason().

struct predicate* inline_summary::loop_iterations
     Predicate on when some loop in the function becomes to have known

Referenced by inline_summary_alloc().

struct predicate* inline_summary::loop_stride
     Predicate on when some loop in the function becomes to have known
int inline_summary::scc_no
     Number of SCC on the beginning of inlining process.  

Referenced by remap_hint_predicate().

int inline_summary::self_size
     Size of the function body.  
int inline_summary::self_time
     Time of the function body.  
int inline_summary::size
HOST_WIDE_INT inline_summary::stack_frame_offset
     Expected offset of the stack frame of inlined function.  
int inline_summary::time
     Estimated size of the function after inlining.  

Referenced by inline_update_overall_summary().

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