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insn_reserv Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct insn_reservnext
const char * name
int default_latency
rtx condexp
int insn_num
bool bypassed

Detailed Description

   Synthetic attributes used by insn-automata.c and the scheduler.
   These are primarily concerned with (define_insn_reservation)

Field Documentation

bool insn_reserv::bypassed
     Whether a (define_bypass) construct names this insn in its
     output list.  
rtx insn_reserv::condexp

Referenced by check_tune_attr(), and find_tune_attr().

int insn_reserv::default_latency

Referenced by check_tune_attr().

int insn_reserv::insn_num
     Sequence number of this insn.  

Referenced by check_tune_attr().

const char* insn_reserv::name
struct insn_reserv* insn_reserv::next

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