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internal_ldfile Struct Reference

#include <collect2-aix.h>

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Data Fields

int fd
char * object
size_t page_offset
size_t object_size
off_t next_member
struct internal_filehdr filehdr

Detailed Description

   The internal representation of the API-defined LDFILE type.  

Field Documentation

int internal_ldfile::fd
     The file handle for the associated file, or -1 if it hasn't been
     opened yet.  
struct internal_filehdr internal_ldfile::filehdr
     The parsed version of the XCOFF file header.  
off_t internal_ldfile::next_member
     The offset of the next member in an archive after OBJECT,
     or -1 if this isn't an archive.  Valid iff OFFSET is nonnull.  

Referenced by ldgetname().

char* internal_ldfile::object
     The start of the current XCOFF object, if one has been mapped
     into memory.  Null otherwise.  

Referenced by open_file().

size_t internal_ldfile::object_size
     The size of the file pointed to by OBJECT.  Valid iff OFFSET
     is nonnull.  

Referenced by open_file().

size_t internal_ldfile::page_offset
     The offset of OBJECT from the start of the containing page.  

Referenced by open_file(), and within_object_p().

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