GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
internal_syment Struct Reference

#include <collect2-aix.h>

Data Fields

char n_name [9]
unsigned int n_zeroes
bfd_vma n_offset
bfd_vma n_value
short n_scnum
unsigned short n_flags
unsigned short n_type
unsigned char n_sclass
unsigned char n_numaux

Detailed Description

   Local code.
   An internal representation of an XCOFF symbol-table entry,
   which is associated with the API-defined SYMENT type.  

Field Documentation

unsigned short internal_syment::n_flags
char internal_syment::n_name[9]
unsigned char internal_syment::n_numaux
bfd_vma internal_syment::n_offset
unsigned char internal_syment::n_sclass
short internal_syment::n_scnum
unsigned short internal_syment::n_type
bfd_vma internal_syment::n_value
unsigned int internal_syment::n_zeroes

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