GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ipa_dfs_info Struct Reference

#include <ipa-utils.h>

Collaboration diagram for ipa_dfs_info:

Data Fields

int dfn_number
int low_link
int scc_no
bool new_node
bool on_stack
struct cgraph_nodenext_cycle
PTR aux

Field Documentation

PTR ipa_dfs_info::aux
int ipa_dfs_info::dfn_number

Referenced by searchc().

int ipa_dfs_info::low_link

Referenced by searchc().

bool ipa_dfs_info::new_node

Referenced by searchc().

struct cgraph_node* ipa_dfs_info::next_cycle
bool ipa_dfs_info::on_stack

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int ipa_dfs_info::scc_no
     This field will have the samy value for any two nodes in the same strongly
     connected component.  

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