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ipcp_value Struct Reference
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Data Fields

tree value
struct ipcp_value_sourcesources
struct ipcp_valuenext
struct ipcp_valuescc_next
struct ipcp_valuetopo_next
struct cgraph_nodespec_node
int dfs
int low_link
int local_time_benefit
int local_size_cost
int prop_time_benefit
int prop_size_cost
bool on_stack

Detailed Description

   Describes one particular value stored in struct ipcp_lattice.  

Field Documentation

int ipcp_value::dfs
     Depth first search number and low link for topological sorting of
int ipcp_value::local_size_cost
int ipcp_value::local_time_benefit
     Time benefit and size cost that specializing the function for this value
     would bring about in this function alone.  
int ipcp_value::low_link
struct ipcp_value* ipcp_value::next
     Next pointers in a linked list of all values in a lattice.  

Referenced by add_value_to_lattice(), and move_binfos_to_values().

bool ipcp_value::on_stack
     True if this valye is currently on the topo-sort stack.  
int ipcp_value::prop_size_cost
int ipcp_value::prop_time_benefit
     Time benefit and size cost that specializing the function for this value
     can bring about in it's callees (transitively).  
struct ipcp_value* ipcp_value::scc_next
     Next pointers in a linked list of values in a strongly connected component
     of values. 
struct ipcp_value_source* ipcp_value::sources
     The list of sources from which this value originates.  
struct cgraph_node* ipcp_value::spec_node
     A specialized node created for this value, NULL if none has been (so far)

Referenced by known_aggs_to_agg_replacement_list().

struct ipcp_value* ipcp_value::topo_next
     Next pointers in a linked list of SCCs of values sorted topologically
     according their sources.  
tree ipcp_value::value
     The actual value for the given parameter.  This is either an IPA invariant
     or a TREE_BINFO describing a type that can be used for

Referenced by add_value_to_lattice(), agg_jmp_p_vec_for_t_vec(), and ipcp_discover_new_direct_edges().

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