GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ira_reg_equiv Struct Reference

#include <ira.h>

Collaboration diagram for ira_reg_equiv:

Data Fields

bool defined_p
bool profitable_p
rtx memory
rtx constant
rtx invariant
rtx init_insns

Detailed Description

   Major structure describing equivalence info for a pseudo.  

Field Documentation

rtx ira_reg_equiv::constant
bool ira_reg_equiv::defined_p
     True if we can use this equivalence.  
rtx ira_reg_equiv::init_insns
     Always NULL_RTX if defined_p is false.  

Referenced by calculate_allocation_cost().

rtx ira_reg_equiv::invariant
rtx ira_reg_equiv::memory
     Equiv. memory, constant, invariant, and initializing insns of
     given pseudo-register or NULL_RTX.  

Referenced by check_allocation().

bool ira_reg_equiv::profitable_p
     True if the usage of the equivalence is profitable.  

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