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iv_ca Struct Reference
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Data Fields

unsigned upto
unsigned bad_uses
struct cost_pair ** cand_for_use
unsigned * n_cand_uses
bitmap cands
unsigned n_cands
unsigned n_regs
comp_cost cand_use_cost
unsigned cand_cost
unsigned * n_invariant_uses
unsigned * used_inv_expr
unsigned num_used_inv_expr
comp_cost cost

Detailed Description

   An assignment of iv candidates to uses.  

Field Documentation

unsigned iv_ca::bad_uses
     Number of uses that cannot be expressed by the candidates in the set.  

Referenced by iv_ca_delta_commit().

unsigned iv_ca::cand_cost
     Total cost of candidates.  

Referenced by find_iv_candidates().

struct cost_pair** iv_ca::cand_for_use
     Candidate assigned to a use, together with the related costs.  
comp_cost iv_ca::cand_use_cost
     Total cost of expressing uses.  

Referenced by find_iv_candidates().

bitmap iv_ca::cands
     The candidates used.  

Referenced by iv_ca_add_use().

comp_cost iv_ca::cost
     Total cost of the assignment.  

Referenced by find_iv_candidates().

unsigned* iv_ca::n_cand_uses
     Number of times each candidate is used.  
unsigned iv_ca::n_cands
     The number of candidates in the set.  
unsigned* iv_ca::n_invariant_uses
     Number of times each invariant is used.  

Referenced by determine_set_costs().

unsigned iv_ca::n_regs
     Total number of registers needed.  

Referenced by find_iv_candidates().

unsigned iv_ca::num_used_inv_expr
     The number of created loop invariants.  

Referenced by find_iv_candidates().

unsigned iv_ca::upto
     The number of uses covered by the assignment.  

Referenced by iv_ca_delta_commit(), and iv_ca_set_cp().

unsigned* iv_ca::used_inv_expr
     The array holding the number of uses of each loop
     invariant expressions created by ivopt.  

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