GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lang_hooks_for_cilkplus Struct Reference

#include <langhooks.h>

Data Fields

bool(* cilk_detect_spawn_and_unwrap )(tree *)
void(* install_body_with_frame_cleanup )(tree, tree)
int(* gimplify_cilk_spawn )(tree *, gimple_seq *, gimple_seq *)

Detailed Description

   Language hooks related to Cilk Plus.  

Field Documentation

bool(* lang_hooks_for_cilkplus::cilk_detect_spawn_and_unwrap)(tree *)
     Returns true if the expression passed in has a spawned function call.  

Referenced by gimplify_omp_workshare().

int(* lang_hooks_for_cilkplus::gimplify_cilk_spawn)(tree *, gimple_seq *, gimple_seq *)
     Function to gimplify a spawned function call.  Returns enum gimplify
     status, but as mentioned in a previous comment, we can't see that type 
     here, so just return an int.  

Referenced by gimplify_omp_workshare().

void(* lang_hooks_for_cilkplus::install_body_with_frame_cleanup)(tree, tree)
     Function to add the clean up functions after spawn.  The reason why it is
     language dependent is because in C++, it must handle exceptions.  

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