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libfunc_entry Struct Reference

#include <libfuncs.h>

Collaboration diagram for libfunc_entry:

Data Fields

int op
int mode1
int mode2
rtx libfunc

Detailed Description

   Information about an optab-related libfunc.  The op field is logically
   an enum optab_d, and the mode fields are logically enum machine_mode.
   However, in the absence of forward-declared enums, there's no practical
   benefit of pulling in the defining headers.

   We use the same hashtable for normal optabs and conversion optabs.  In
   the first case mode2 is forced to VOIDmode.  

Field Documentation

rtx libfunc_entry::libfunc
int libfunc_entry::mode1
int libfunc_entry::mode2
int libfunc_entry::op

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