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live_track_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

bitmap_obstack obstack
bitmap live_base_var
var_map map

Detailed Description

   This structure is used to efficiently record the current status of live
   SSA_NAMES when building a conflict graph.
   LIVE_BASE_VAR has a bit set for each base variable which has at least one
   ssa version live.
   LIVE_BASE_PARTITIONS is an array of bitmaps using the basevar table as an
   index, and is used to track what partitions of each base variable are
   live.  This makes it easy to add conflicts between just live partitions
   with the same base variable.
   The values in LIVE_BASE_PARTITIONS are only valid if the base variable is
   marked as being live.  This delays clearing of these bitmaps until
   they are actually needed again.  

Field Documentation

bitmap* live_track_d::live_base_partitions
bitmap live_track_d::live_base_var
var_map live_track_d::map
bitmap_obstack live_track_d::obstack

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