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locate_and_pad_arg_data Struct Reference

#include <expr.h>

Collaboration diagram for locate_and_pad_arg_data:

Data Fields

struct args_size size
struct args_size offset
struct args_size slot_offset
struct args_size alignment_pad
enum direction where_pad
unsigned int boundary

Detailed Description

   Package up various arg related fields of struct args for

Field Documentation

struct args_size locate_and_pad_arg_data::alignment_pad
     The amount that the stack pointer needs to be adjusted to
     force alignment for the next argument.  
unsigned int locate_and_pad_arg_data::boundary
     slot_offset is at least this aligned.  
struct args_size locate_and_pad_arg_data::offset
     Offset of this argument from beginning of stack-args.  
struct args_size locate_and_pad_arg_data::size
     Size of this argument on the stack, rounded up for any padding it
     gets.  If REG_PARM_STACK_SPACE is defined, then register parms are
     counted here, otherwise they aren't.  

Referenced by initialize_argument_information(), and mem_overlaps_already_clobbered_arg_p().

struct args_size locate_and_pad_arg_data::slot_offset
     Offset to the start of the stack slot.  Different from OFFSET
     if this arg pads downward.  
enum direction locate_and_pad_arg_data::where_pad
     Which way we should pad this arg.  

Referenced by initialize_argument_information().

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