GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
loop_size Struct Reference

Data Fields

int overall
int eliminated_by_peeling
int last_iteration
int last_iteration_eliminated_by_peeling
bool constant_iv
int num_pure_calls_on_hot_path
int num_non_pure_calls_on_hot_path
int non_call_stmts_on_hot_path
int num_branches_on_hot_path

Detailed Description

   Describe size of loop as detected by tree_estimate_loop_size.  

Field Documentation

bool loop_size::constant_iv
     If some IV computation will become constant.  
int loop_size::eliminated_by_peeling
     Number of instructions that will be likely optimized out in
     peeled iterations of loop  (i.e. computation based on induction
     variable where induction variable starts at known constant.)  
int loop_size::last_iteration
     Same statistics for last iteration of loop: it is smaller because
     instructions after exit are not executed.  
int loop_size::last_iteration_eliminated_by_peeling
int loop_size::non_call_stmts_on_hot_path
     Number of statements other than calls in the loop.  
int loop_size::num_branches_on_hot_path
     Number of branches seen on the hot path.  
int loop_size::num_non_pure_calls_on_hot_path
     Number of call stmts that are not a builtin and are not pure nor const
     present on the hot path.  
int loop_size::num_pure_calls_on_hot_path
     Number of call stmts that are not a builtin and are pure or const
     present on the hot path.  
int loop_size::overall
     Number of instructions in the loop.  

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