GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lra_live_range Struct Reference

#include <lra-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for lra_live_range:

Data Fields

int regno
int start
int finish
lra_live_range_t next
lra_live_range_t start_next

Detailed Description

   The structure describes program points where a given pseudo lives.
   The live ranges can be used to find conflicts with other pseudos.
   If the live ranges of two pseudos are intersected, the pseudos are
   in conflict.  

Field Documentation

int lra_live_range::regno
     Pseudo regno whose live range is described by given

Referenced by create_live_range_start_chains(), free_live_range_list(), init_lives(), setup_try_hard_regno_pseudos(), spill_for(), and update_hard_regno_preference().

lra_live_range_t lra_live_range::start_next
     Pointer to structures with the same start.  

Referenced by adjust_hard_regno_cost(), create_live_range_start_chains(), and spill_for().

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