GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lst Struct Reference

#include <graphite-poly.h>

Collaboration diagram for lst:

Data Fields

bool loop_p
lst_p loop_father
mpz_t memory_strides
union {
   poly_bb_p   pbb
   vec< lst_p >   seq

Detailed Description

   Loops and Statements Tree.  

Field Documentation

lst_p lst::loop_father
     A pointer to the loop that contains this node.  

Referenced by psco_parameter_dim().

bool lst::loop_p
     LOOP_P is true when an LST node is a loop.  

Referenced by psco_parameter_dim().

mpz_t lst::memory_strides
     The sum of all the memory strides for an LST loop.  

Referenced by psco_parameter_dim().

union { ... } lst::node
     Loop nodes contain a sequence SEQ of LST nodes, statements
     contain a pointer to their polyhedral representation PBB.  
poly_bb_p lst::pbb

Referenced by psct_parameter_dim().

vec<lst_p> lst::seq

Referenced by psct_parameter_dim().

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