GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lto_asm_header Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for lto_asm_header:

Data Fields

struct lto_header lto_header
int32_t compressed_size
int32_t main_size
int32_t string_size

Detailed Description

   Structure describing top level asm()s.  

Field Documentation

int32_t lto_asm_header::compressed_size
     Size compressed or 0 if not compressed.  
struct lto_header lto_asm_header::lto_header
     The header for all types of sections. 
int32_t lto_asm_header::main_size
     Size of region for expressions, decls, types, etc. 
int32_t lto_asm_header::string_size
     Size of the string table.  

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