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lto_compression_stream Struct Reference

Data Fields

void(* callback )(const char *, unsigned, void *)
void * opaque
char * buffer
size_t bytes
size_t allocation
bool is_compression

Detailed Description


LTO IL compression streams.

Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Simon Baldwin simon.nosp@m.b@go.nosp@m.ogle..nosp@m.com

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   zlib.h includes other system headers.  Those headers may test feature
   test macros.  config.h may define feature test macros.  For this reason,
   zlib.h needs to be included after, rather than before, config.h and
   Compression stream structure, holds the flush callback and opaque token,
   the buffered data, and a note of whether compressing or uncompressing.  

Field Documentation

size_t lto_compression_stream::allocation
char* lto_compression_stream::buffer
size_t lto_compression_stream::bytes
void(* lto_compression_stream::callback)(const char *, unsigned, void *)
bool lto_compression_stream::is_compression
void* lto_compression_stream::opaque

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