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lto_file_decl_data Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for lto_file_decl_data:

Data Fields

struct lto_in_decl_statecurrent_decl_state
struct lto_in_decl_stateglobal_decl_state
lto_symtab_encoder_t symtab_node_encoder
htab_t function_decl_states
const char * file_name
htab_t section_hash_table
htab_t renaming_hash_table
struct lto_file_decl_datanext
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT id
vec< res_pairrespairs
unsigned max_index
struct gcov_ctr_summary profile_info

Detailed Description

   One of these is allocated for each object file that being compiled
   by lto.  This structure contains the tables that are needed by the
   serialized functions and ipa passes to connect themselves to the
   global types and decls as they are reconstituted.  

Field Documentation

struct lto_in_decl_state* lto_file_decl_data::current_decl_state
     Decl state currently used. 
const char* lto_file_decl_data::file_name
     The .o file that these offsets relate to.  
htab_t lto_file_decl_data::function_decl_states
     Hash table maps lto-related section names to location in file.  

Referenced by debug_varpool_node_set().

struct lto_in_decl_state* lto_file_decl_data::global_decl_state
     Decl state corresponding to regions outside of any functions
     in the compilation unit. 
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT lto_file_decl_data::id
     Sub ID for merged objects. 
unsigned lto_file_decl_data::max_index
struct lto_file_decl_data* lto_file_decl_data::next
     Linked list used temporarily in reader 
struct gcov_ctr_summary lto_file_decl_data::profile_info

Referenced by input_profile_summary().

htab_t lto_file_decl_data::renaming_hash_table
     Hash new name of renamed global declaration to its original name.  

Referenced by lto_record_renamed_decl(), and renaming_slot_free().

pointer_map_t* lto_file_decl_data::resolution_map
     Map assigning declarations their resolutions.  
vec<res_pair> lto_file_decl_data::respairs
     Symbol resolutions for this file 
htab_t lto_file_decl_data::section_hash_table
     Hash table maps lto-related section names to location in file.  
lto_symtab_encoder_t lto_file_decl_data::symtab_node_encoder
     Table of cgraph nodes present in this file.  

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