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lto_out_decl_state Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for lto_out_decl_state:

Data Fields

struct lto_tree_ref_encoder streams [LTO_N_DECL_STREAMS]
lto_symtab_encoder_t symtab_node_encoder
tree fn_decl

Detailed Description

   The structure that holds all of the vectors of global types,
   decls and cgraph nodes used in the serialization of this file.  

Field Documentation

tree lto_out_decl_state::fn_decl
     If this out-decl state belongs to a function, fn_decl points to that
     function.  Otherwise, it is NULL. 
struct lto_tree_ref_encoder lto_out_decl_state::streams[LTO_N_DECL_STREAMS]
     The buffers contain the sets of decls of various kinds and types we have
     seen so far and the indexes assigned to them.  

Referenced by lto_get_out_decl_state(), lto_output_field_decl_index(), lto_output_fn_decl_index(), and lto_output_namespace_decl_index().

lto_symtab_encoder_t lto_out_decl_state::symtab_node_encoder
     Encoder for cgraph nodes.  

Referenced by read_inline_edge_summary(), and write_symbol().

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