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lto_output_stream Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for lto_output_stream:

Data Fields

struct lto_char_ptr_basefirst_block
struct lto_char_ptr_basecurrent_block
char * current_pointer
unsigned int left_in_block
unsigned int block_size
unsigned int total_size

Detailed Description

   An incore byte stream to buffer the various parts of the function.
   The entire structure should be zeroed when created.  The record
   consists of a set of blocks.  The first sizeof (ptr) bytes are used
   as a chain, and the rest store the bytes to be written.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int lto_output_stream::block_size
     The block size of the last block allocated.  
struct lto_char_ptr_base* lto_output_stream::current_block
     The pointer to the last and current block in the stream.  
char* lto_output_stream::current_pointer
     The pointer to where the next char should be written.  

Referenced by streamer_write_gcov_count().

struct lto_char_ptr_base* lto_output_stream::first_block
     The pointer to the first block in the stream.  
unsigned int lto_output_stream::left_in_block
     The number of characters left in the current block.  

Referenced by lto_write_stream(), and streamer_write_gcov_count().

unsigned int lto_output_stream::total_size
     The total number of characters written.  

Referenced by streamer_string_index().

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