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mem_inc_info Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx inc_insn
rtx mem_insn
rtx mem_reg0
rtx mem_index
HOST_WIDE_INT mem_constant
HOST_WIDE_INT inc_constant
rtx inc_input

Detailed Description

   The following code discovers opportunities to switch a memory reference
   and an increment by modifying the address.  We ensure that this is done
   only for dependencies that are only used to show a single register
   dependence (using DEP_NONREG and DEP_MULTIPLE), and so that every memory
   instruction involved is subject to only one dep that can cause a pattern

   When we discover a suitable dependency, we fill in the dep_replacement
   structure to show how to modify the memory reference.  
   Holds information about a pair of memory reference and register increment
   insns which depend on each other, but could possibly be interchanged.  

Field Documentation

HOST_WIDE_INT mem_inc_info::inc_constant
     The constant added in the increment insn.  Negated if the increment is
     after the memory address.  
rtx mem_inc_info::inc_input
     The source register used in the increment.  May be different from mem_reg0
     if the increment occurs before the memory address.  

Referenced by ds_get_max_dep_weak(), and ds_max_merge().

rtx mem_inc_info::inc_insn

Referenced by debug_ds(), and ds_max_merge().

HOST_WIDE_INT mem_inc_info::mem_constant
     The constant offset used in the memory address.  
rtx mem_inc_info::mem_index
     Any kind of index that is added to that register.  
rtx mem_inc_info::mem_insn
rtx* mem_inc_info::mem_loc
rtx mem_inc_info::mem_reg0
     A register occurring in the memory address for which we wish to break
     the dependence.  This must be identical to the destination register of
     the increment.  

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