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mem_ref Struct Reference
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Data Fields

unsigned id
hashval_t hash
ao_ref mem
bitmap_head stored
vec< vec< mem_ref_loc > > accesses_in_loop
bitmap_head indep_loop
bitmap_head dep_loop
gimple stmt
tree mem
struct mem_ref_groupgroup
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT prefetch_mod
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT prefetch_before
unsigned reuse_distance
struct mem_refnext
unsigned write_p: 1
unsigned independent_p: 1
unsigned issue_prefetch_p: 1
unsigned storent_p: 1

Detailed Description

   Description of a memory reference.  
   The memory reference.  

Field Documentation

vec<vec<mem_ref_loc> > mem_ref::accesses_in_loop
HOST_WIDE_INT mem_ref::delta
bitmap_head mem_ref::dep_loop

Referenced by may_move_till().

hashval_t mem_ref::hash

Referenced by may_move_till().

unsigned mem_ref::id

Referenced by may_move_till().

bitmap_head mem_ref::indep_loop
                          The locations of the accesses.  Vector
                          indexed by the loop number.  

The following sets are computed on demand. We keep both set and its complement, so that we know whether the information was already computed or not.

Referenced by may_move_till().

unsigned mem_ref::independent_p
unsigned mem_ref::issue_prefetch_p

Referenced by estimate_prefetch_count().

ao_ref mem_ref::mem
     The memory access itself and associated caching of alias-oracle
     query meta-data.  

Referenced by may_move_till(), and refs_independent_p().

tree mem_ref::mem
struct mem_ref* mem_ref::next
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT mem_ref::prefetch_before
                                   Prefetch only each PREFETCH_MOD-th

Referenced by is_miss_rate_acceptable(), and mark_nontemporal_stores().

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT mem_ref::prefetch_mod
unsigned mem_ref::reuse_distance
                                   Prefetch only first PREFETCH_BEFORE
gimple mem_ref::stmt
bitmap_head mem_ref::stored

Referenced by may_move_till().

unsigned mem_ref::storent_p
unsigned mem_ref::write_p

Referenced by dump_mem_details().

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