GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
niter_desc Struct Reference

#include <cfgloop.h>

Collaboration diagram for niter_desc:

Data Fields

edge out_edge
edge in_edge
bool simple_p
bool const_iter
unsigned HOST_WIDEST_INT niter
rtx assumptions
rtx noloop_assumptions
rtx infinite
bool signed_p
enum machine_mode mode
rtx niter_expr

Detailed Description

   The description of an exit from the loop and of the number of iterations
   till we take the exit.  

Field Documentation

rtx niter_desc::assumptions
     Assumptions under that the rest of the information is valid.  

Referenced by check_simple_exit().

bool niter_desc::const_iter
     True if the loop iterates the constant number of times.  

Referenced by decide_peel_simple().

edge niter_desc::in_edge
     The other edge leading from the condition.  
rtx niter_desc::infinite
     Condition under that the loop is infinite.  

Referenced by check_simple_exit().

enum machine_mode niter_desc::mode
     The mode in that niter_expr should be computed.  

Referenced by split_edge_and_insert().

unsigned HOST_WIDEST_INT niter_desc::niter
     Number of iterations if constant.  

Referenced by decide_peel_simple(), and split_edge_and_insert().

rtx niter_desc::niter_expr
     The number of iterations of the loop.  

Referenced by decide_peel_simple(), and split_edge_and_insert().

rtx niter_desc::noloop_assumptions
     Assumptions under that the loop ends before reaching the latch,
     even if value of niter_expr says otherwise.  

Referenced by decide_peel_simple().

edge niter_desc::out_edge
     The edge out of the loop.  
bool niter_desc::signed_p
     Whether the comparison is signed.  
bool niter_desc::simple_p
     True if we are able to say anything about number of iterations of the

Referenced by check_simple_exit(), and decide_peel_simple().

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