GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
oc_local_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree exp
tree type
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size
unsigned int align
tree min_index
HOST_WIDE_INT total_bytes
int byte
int last_relative_index
bool byte_buffer_in_use
tree field
tree val
tree index

Detailed Description

   Other datastructures + helpers for output_constructor.  
   output_constructor local state to support interaction with helpers.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int oc_local_state::align
int oc_local_state::byte
bool oc_local_state::byte_buffer_in_use
tree oc_local_state::exp
     Received arguments.  
tree oc_local_state::field
     Current element.  

Referenced by output_constant().

tree oc_local_state::index

Referenced by output_constant().

int oc_local_state::last_relative_index

Referenced by output_constant().

tree oc_local_state::min_index

Referenced by output_constant().

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT oc_local_state::size
HOST_WIDE_INT oc_local_state::total_bytes
     Output processing state.  

Referenced by output_constant(), and output_constructor_regular_field().

tree oc_local_state::type

Referenced by output_constant().

tree oc_local_state::val

Referenced by output_constant().

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