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omp_for_data Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct omp_for_data_loop loop
tree chunk_size
gimple for_stmt
tree pre
tree iter_type
int collapse
bool have_nowait
bool have_ordered
enum omp_clause_schedule_kind sched_kind
struct omp_for_data_looploops

Detailed Description

   A structure describing the main elements of a parallel loop.  

Field Documentation

tree omp_for_data::chunk_size
int omp_for_data::collapse
gimple omp_for_data::for_stmt
bool omp_for_data::have_nowait
bool omp_for_data::have_ordered
tree omp_for_data::iter_type
struct omp_for_data_loop* omp_for_data::loops
tree omp_for_data::pre
enum omp_clause_schedule_kind omp_for_data::sched_kind

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