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onepart_aux Struct Reference
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Data Fields

rtx from
expand_depth depth
vec< loc_exp_dep, va_heap,

Detailed Description

   This data structure is allocated for one-part variables at the time
   of emitting notes.  

Field Documentation

loc_exp_dep* onepart_aux::backlinks
     Doubly-linked list of dependent DVs.  These are DVs whose cur_loc
     computation used the expansion of this variable, and that ought
     to be notified should this variable change.  If the DV's cur_loc
     expanded to NULL, all components of the loc list are regarded as
     active, so that any changes in them give us a chance to get a
     location.  Otherwise, only components of the loc that expanded to
     non-NULL are regarded as active dependencies.  
vec<loc_exp_dep, va_heap, vl_embed> onepart_aux::deps
     Dependencies actively used when expand FROM into cur_loc.  
expand_depth onepart_aux::depth
     The depth of the cur_loc expression.  
rtx onepart_aux::from
     This holds the LOC that was expanded into cur_loc.  We need only
     mark a one-part variable as changed if the FROM loc is removed,
     or if it has no known location and a loc is added, or if it gets
     a change notification from any of its active dependencies.  

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