GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
operand_rr_info Struct Reference

#include <regrename.h>

Collaboration diagram for operand_rr_info:

Data Fields

int n_chains
struct du_chainchains [MAX_REGS_PER_ADDRESS]
struct du_headheads [MAX_REGS_PER_ADDRESS]

Detailed Description

   This struct describes data gathered during regrename_analyze about
   a single operand of an insn.  

Field Documentation

struct du_chain* operand_rr_info::chains[MAX_REGS_PER_ADDRESS]
     Holds either the chain for the operand itself, or for the registers in
     a memory operand.  
struct du_head* operand_rr_info::heads[MAX_REGS_PER_ADDRESS]
int operand_rr_info::n_chains
     The number of chains recorded for this operand.  

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