GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
option_map Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * opt0
const char * opt1
const char * new_prefix
bool another_char_needed
bool negated

Detailed Description

   Structure describing mappings from options on the command line to
   options to look up with find_opt.  

Field Documentation

bool option_map::another_char_needed
     Whether at least one character is needed following opt1 or opt0
     for this mapping to be used.  (--optimize= is valid for -O, but
     --warn- is not valid for -W.)  
bool option_map::negated
     Whether the original option is a negated form of the option
     resulting from this map.  
const char* option_map::new_prefix
     The new prefix to map to.  
const char* option_map::opt0
     Prefix of the option on the command line.  
const char* option_map::opt1
     If two argv elements are considered to be merged into one option,
     prefix for the second element, otherwise NULL.  

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