GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
pass_data Struct Reference

#include <tree-pass.h>

Inheritance diagram for pass_data:

Data Fields

enum opt_pass_type type
const char * name
unsigned int optinfo_flags
bool has_gate
bool has_execute
timevar_id_t tv_id
unsigned int properties_required
unsigned int properties_provided
unsigned int properties_destroyed
unsigned int todo_flags_start
unsigned int todo_flags_finish

Detailed Description

   Metadata for a pass, non-varying across all instances of a pass.  

Field Documentation

bool pass_data::has_execute
     If true, this pass has its own implementation of the opt_pass::execute
bool pass_data::has_gate
     If true, this pass has its own implementation of the opt_pass::gate
const char* pass_data::name
     Terse name of the pass used as a fragment of the dump file
     name.  If the name starts with a star, no dump happens. 

Referenced by gcc::pass_manager::execute_pass_mode_switching(), is_pass_explicitly_enabled_or_disabled(), and gcc::pass_manager::set_pass_for_id().

unsigned int pass_data::optinfo_flags
     The -fopt-info optimization group flags as defined in dumpfile.h. 
unsigned int pass_data::properties_destroyed
unsigned int pass_data::properties_provided
unsigned int pass_data::properties_required
     Sets of properties input and output from this pass.  
unsigned int pass_data::todo_flags_finish
unsigned int pass_data::todo_flags_start
     Flags indicating common sets things to do before and after.  

Referenced by is_pass_explicitly_enabled_or_disabled().

timevar_id_t pass_data::tv_id
     The timevar id associated with this pass.  
     ??? Ideally would be dynamically assigned.  

Referenced by ipa_write_summaries().

enum opt_pass_type pass_data::type
     Optimization pass type.  

Referenced by add_pass_instance(), and ipa_write_summaries().

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