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pointer_set_t Struct Reference

#include <pointer-set.h>

Inheritance diagram for pointer_set_t:

Data Fields

size_t log_slots
size_t n_slots
size_t n_elements
const void ** slots

Detailed Description

   A pointer set is represented as a simple open-addressing hash
   table.  Simplifications: The hash code is based on the value of the
   pointer, not what it points to.  The number of buckets is always a
   power of 2.  Null pointers are a reserved value.  Deletion is not
   supported (yet).  There is no mechanism for user control of hash
   function, equality comparison, initial size, or resizing policy.  

Field Documentation

size_t pointer_set_t::log_slots
size_t pointer_set_t::n_elements
size_t pointer_set_t::n_slots
const void** pointer_set_t::slots

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