GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ps_insn Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int id
int cycle
ps_insn_ptr next_in_row
ps_insn_ptr prev_in_row

Detailed Description

   A single instruction in the partial schedule.  

Field Documentation

int ps_insn::cycle
     The (absolute) cycle in which the PS instruction is scheduled.
     Same as SCHED_TIME (node).  

Referenced by print_partial_schedule(), and sms_schedule_by_order().

int ps_insn::id
     Identifies the instruction to be scheduled.  Values smaller than
     the ddg's num_nodes refer directly to ddg nodes.  A value of
     X - num_nodes refers to register move X.  

Referenced by apply_reg_moves(), print_partial_schedule(), and sms_schedule_by_order().

ps_insn_ptr ps_insn::next_in_row
ps_insn_ptr ps_insn::prev_in_row

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