GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
range_entry Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree exp
tree low
tree high
bool in_p
bool strict_overflow_p
unsigned int idx
unsigned int next

Detailed Description

   The following functions are subroutines to optimize_range_tests and allow
   it to try to change a logical combination of comparisons into a range

   For example, both
        X == 2 || X == 5 || X == 3 || X == 4
        X >= 2 && X <= 5
   are converted to
        (unsigned) (X - 2) <= 3

   For more information see comments above fold_test_range in fold-const.c,
   this implementation is for GIMPLE.  

Field Documentation

tree range_entry::exp
tree range_entry::high
unsigned int range_entry::idx
bool range_entry::in_p
tree range_entry::low
unsigned int range_entry::next

Referenced by optimize_ops_list().

bool range_entry::strict_overflow_p

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