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ref_always_accessed Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ref_always_accessed (struct loop *loop_, tree base_, bool stored_p_)
bool operator() (mem_ref_loc_p loc)

Data Fields

struct looploop
tree base
bool stored_p

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ref_always_accessed::ref_always_accessed ( struct loop loop_,
tree  base_,
bool  stored_p_ 

Member Function Documentation

bool ref_always_accessed::operator() ( mem_ref_loc_p  loc)
     If we require an always executed store make sure the statement
     stores to the reference.  

References loop::next, and ref_indep_loop_p_2().

Referenced by sm_set_flag_if_changed::operator()().

Field Documentation

tree ref_always_accessed::base
struct loop* ref_always_accessed::loop
bool ref_always_accessed::stored_p

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