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Data Fields

tree label
gimple stmt

Detailed Description


GIMPLE lowering pass. Converts High GIMPLE into Low GIMPLE.

Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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   The differences between High GIMPLE and Low GIMPLE are the

   1- Lexical scopes are removed (i.e., GIMPLE_BIND disappears).

   2- GIMPLE_TRY and GIMPLE_CATCH are converted to abnormal control
      flow and exception regions are built as an on-the-side region
      hierarchy (See tree-eh.c:lower_eh_constructs).

   3- Multiple identical return statements are grouped into a single
      return and gotos to the unique return site.  
   Match a return statement with a label.  During lowering, we identify
   identical return statements and replace duplicates with a jump to
   the corresponding label.  

Field Documentation

tree return_statements_t::label
gimple return_statements_t::stmt

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