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sd_region_p Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for sd_region_p:

Data Fields

basic_block entry
basic_block exit

Detailed Description

   A SCoP detection region, defined using bbs as borders.

   All control flow touching this region, comes in passing basic_block
   ENTRY and leaves passing basic_block EXIT.  By using bbs instead of
   edges for the borders we are able to represent also regions that do
   not have a single entry or exit edge.

   But as they have a single entry basic_block and a single exit
   basic_block, we are able to generate for every sd_region a single
   entry and exit edge.

   1   2
    \ /
     3  <- entry
    / \                 This region contains: {3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}
   5   6
   |   |
   7   8
    \ /
     9  <- exit  

Field Documentation

basic_block sd_region_p::entry
     The entry bb dominates all bbs in the sd_region.  It is part of
     the region.  

Referenced by create_single_entry_edge(), mark_exit_edges(), and print_graphite_scop_statistics().

basic_block sd_region_p::exit
     The exit bb postdominates all bbs in the sd_region, but is not
     part of the region.  

Referenced by create_single_exit_edge(), and print_graphite_scop_statistics().

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