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slot Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int regno
int hard_regno
rtx mem
lra_live_range_t live_ranges

Detailed Description

   The structure describes a register or a stack slot which can be
   used for several spilled pseudos.  

Field Documentation

int slot::hard_regno
     Hard reg into which the slot pseudos are spilled.  The value is
     negative for pseudos spilled into memory.  

Referenced by add_pseudo_to_slot().

lra_live_range_t slot::live_ranges
     Combined live ranges of all pseudos belonging to given slot.  It
     is used to figure out that a new spilled pseudo can use given
     stack slot.  

Referenced by add_pseudo_to_slot().

rtx slot::mem
     Memory representing the all stack slot.  It can be different from
     memory representing a pseudo belonging to give stack slot because
     pseudo can be placed in a part of the corresponding stack slot.
     The value is NULL for pseudos spilled into a hard reg.  

Referenced by add_pseudo_to_slot(), and assign_mem_slot().

int slot::regno
     First pseudo with given stack slot.  

Referenced by add_pseudo_to_slot().

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