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split_point Struct Reference
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Data Fields

unsigned int header_time
unsigned int header_size
unsigned int split_time
unsigned int split_size
bitmap ssa_names_to_pass
basic_block entry_bb
bitmap split_bbs
bool split_part_set_retval

Detailed Description

   Description of split point.  

Field Documentation

basic_block split_point::entry_bb
     Basic block where we split (that will become entry point of new function.  

Referenced by dominated_by_forbidden(), and dump_split_point().

unsigned int split_point::header_size
unsigned int split_point::header_time
     Size of the partitions.  
bitmap split_point::split_bbs
     Basic blocks we are splitting away.  

Referenced by dump_split_point().

bool split_point::split_part_set_retval
     True when return value is computed on split part and thus it needs
     to be returned.  
unsigned int split_point::split_size
unsigned int split_point::split_time
bitmap split_point::ssa_names_to_pass
     SSA names that need to be passed into spit function.  

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