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ssa_name_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ssa_name_info:

Data Fields

unsigned age
bitmap repl_set
struct common_info_d info

Detailed Description

   Information stored for SSA names.  

Field Documentation

unsigned ssa_name_info::age
     Age of this record (so that info_for_ssa_name table can be cleared
     quickly); if AGE < CURRENT_INFO_FOR_SSA_NAME_AGE, then the fields
     are assumed to be null.  

Referenced by set_rewrite_uses().

struct common_info_d ssa_name_info::info
     Information stored for both SSA names and decls.  

Referenced by debug_tree_ssa(), and set_rewrite_uses().

bitmap ssa_name_info::repl_set
     Replacement mappings, allocated from update_ssa_obstack.  

Referenced by set_livein_block().

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