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ssa_use_operand_d Struct Reference

#include <tree-core.h>

Collaboration diagram for ssa_use_operand_d:

Data Fields

struct ssa_use_operand_dprev
struct ssa_use_operand_dnext
union {
   gimple   stmt
   tree   ssa_name

Detailed Description

   Immediate use linking structure.  This structure is used for maintaining
   a doubly linked list of uses of an SSA_NAME.  

Field Documentation

union { ... } ssa_use_operand_d::loc
     Immediate uses for a given SSA name are maintained as a cyclic
     list.  To recognize the root of this list, the location field
     needs to point to the original SSA name.  Since statements and
     SSA names are of different data types, we need this union.  See
     the explanation in struct immediate_use_iterator_d.  

Referenced by has_zero_uses(), link_imm_use_stmt(), and release_ssa_name().

tree ssa_use_operand_d::ssa_name

Referenced by release_ssa_name().

gimple ssa_use_operand_d::stmt

Referenced by has_zero_uses(), and link_imm_use_stmt().

tree* ssa_use_operand_d::use

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