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state_ainsn_table Struct Reference
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Data Fields

automaton_t automaton
vla_hwint_t comb_vect
vla_hwint_t check_vect
vla_hwint_t base_vect
vla_hwint_t full_vect
int min_comb_vect_el_value
int max_comb_vect_el_value
int min_base_vect_el_value
int max_base_vect_el_value

Detailed Description

   The following structure describes a table state X ainsn -> int(>= 0).  

Field Documentation

automaton_t state_ainsn_table::automaton
     Automaton to which given table belongs.  
vla_hwint_t state_ainsn_table::base_vect
vla_hwint_t state_ainsn_table::check_vect
vla_hwint_t state_ainsn_table::comb_vect
     The following tree vectors for comb vector implementation of the

Referenced by output_chip_member_name(), output_range_type(), output_temp_chip_member_name(), and output_translate_vect_name().

vla_hwint_t state_ainsn_table::full_vect
     This is simple implementation of the table.  
int state_ainsn_table::max_base_vect_el_value
int state_ainsn_table::max_comb_vect_el_value

Referenced by regexp_representation().

int state_ainsn_table::min_base_vect_el_value
int state_ainsn_table::min_comb_vect_el_value
     Minimal and maximal values of the previous vectors.  

Referenced by regexp_representation().

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