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state_token_st Struct Reference
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Data Fields

enum state_token_en stok_kind
int stok_line
int stok_col
const char * stok_file
struct state_token_ststok_next
union {
   int   stok_num
   char   stok_string [1]
   struct state_ident_st *   stok_ident
   void *   stok_ptr

Detailed Description

   The state_token_st structure is for lexical tokens in the read
   state file.  The stok_kind field discriminates the union.  Tokens
   are allocated by peek_state_token which calls read_a_state_token
   which allocate them.  Tokens are freed by calls to
   next_state_tokens.  Token are organized in a FIFO look-ahead queue
   filled by peek_state_token.  

Field Documentation

int state_token_st::stok_col
const char* state_token_st::stok_file
struct state_ident_st* state_token_st::stok_ident
enum state_token_en state_token_st::stok_kind
int state_token_st::stok_line
struct state_token_st* state_token_st::stok_next
int state_token_st::stok_num

Referenced by read_state_type().

void* state_token_st::stok_ptr
char state_token_st::stok_string[1]
union { ... } state_token_st::stok_un

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